Artist of the Month: January 2024: John Riordan

John Riordan

He's not the most out-spoken person in the room. He speaks softly, but you really don't want to miss anything he says. 

John Riordan has a wealth of knowledge about art,  Topeka,   "horticulture and floriculture...." and  just about any other topic a well-read person can speak upon. Listen carefully and you may  get a touch of humor and/or a pun. Watch for the twinkle in those blue eyes.

I've only known John for a few months, but he is one of those friends who can help you see the brightness in any situation.  So with the power granted to me as webmaster, I am giving John a page to display his art work. So much of his work was lost in the December 2022 fire, but here are a few pieces that survived:

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