Dorethy Hancock

Artist: Dorethy Hancock

Title: Great Seal of Kansas, Revisited

Medium:  Mosaic

Size:  30" x 30"

Price:  $800

Exhibited at the Topeka Art Guild & Gallery

October - November 2023

Artist: Dorethy Hancock

Title: Old Fart, Chewin' the Fat in Almena, KS

Medium: Textile

Size:  26" x 30"

Price:  $475

Exhibited at the Topeka Art Guild & Gallery

October - November 2023

Title: Hosta Sprouts

Medium: Oil

Size: 30 X 40 

Framed: 32 X 42

Artist's Statement: Very early in the Spring, on my way to the mailbox, I gasped as I spied these lovely sprouts for the first time! They were waist-high because they were growing on a retaining wall, so I could see them well, even though they were only 2 to 3 inches tall!

Price: $4,000.

Title: Coffee Table Reflections

Medium: Oil 

Size: 30 X 40 Unframed

Artist's Statement: A painting class assignment to do something with reflections: a good memory because I no longer have that coffee table or couch.

Price: $600

Title: Marbles I Haven't Lost

Medium: Oil

Size: 18 X 24 Unframed

Artist's Statement: This is a solitaire game purchased from a Boston Art Museum catalog. It has a wooden base, and each marble (about 1.25" diam.) is a semi-precious stone from Madagascar.

Price: $500

Title: My Feet Stompin' Cob

Medium: Oil

Size: 30 X 40 Unframed

Artist's Statement: This is the way I built my "Cob" house (i.e., monolithic adobe): Clay, sand and straw are mixed by dancing in the mud, then packing it on by hand--literally, a hand-sculpted house! It's cheap, bug-proof, fire-proof, and anyone can do it!

Price: $600

Title: Pic-Aussie-Oh!

Medium: Oil

Size: 24 X 24 Unframed

Artist's Statement: This design was from dropping a long string on the floor, then copying the shape on paper. Since I'd recently traveled to Australia, their dot paintings were on my mind, so I used a few of their techniques.

Price: $475

Title: Renewable Energy Sources

Medium: Oil

Size: 22 X 28

Framed: 24.5 X 30.5

Artist's Statement: When I built a sustainable-energy (i.e., Cob) house, my power sources were the solar panels in the background of this picture, plus a cookstove that was half woodburning and half electric. This is a typical winter scene at that home.

Price: $595

Title: Siesta

Medium: Oil

Size: 22 X 30 Unframed

Artist's Statement: Painting was from a photo taken in Peru by a fellow artist for a special event called "Inspirations," which was a collaboration between a photographer and a painter. When I changed the color of the guy's shirt to purple, to make it more interesting, it occurred to me that people would think "Kansas State University," so I added their Wildcat logo.

Price: $425

Title: Uluru Sunset

Medium: Oil

Size: 18 X 24 Framed: 20 X 26

Artist's Statement: Maybe my favorite sight/site in the world: also known as Ayer's Rock, in Red Center, Australia, the most sacred place in the Dreamtime of the Original People. A painting class assignment was, at the end of each class period, to dab all the leftover paint onto another canvas. At the end of the semester, we had to make something interesting out of it. The warrior was not present when I saw this, but I painted him in the typical stance, with spear.

Price: $675

Title: Beck Hole, Yorkshire

Medium: Watercolor

Size: 10 X 14 Framed: 16 X 20 

Artist's Statement: Traveling to England often, my late husband and I loved to tool around the YorkshireDales, like James Herriot on the "All Creatures Great & Small" TV series. Beck Hole is just a spot in the moors near Pickering--a place I could stay all day, sitting on a stone of the babbling brook.

Price: $450

Title: Peruvian Church in Full Moon

Medium: Watercolor

Size: 7 X 10 Framed: 12 X 15

Artist's Statement: On a trip to Peru, walking back to
our B & B from dinner at a restaurant in a neighboring village.

Price: $325

Title: Prague Outdoor Cafe Medium: Watercolor

Size: 14 X 21

Framed: 26 X 32

Artist's Statement: Enjoying the atmosphere in the lovely city of Prague, in April.

Price: $600

Title: Shuckin' Corn from Dad's Old Tractor Seat

Medium: Watercolor

Size: 12 X 15

Framed: 19.5 X 23.5

Artist's Statement: A treasured antique tractor seat, welded onto a wheel and coil from a car, made a fine outdoor seat at my country home, and my choice from which to shuck corn, my favorite summer food! The seat has passed to the next generation.

Price: $425

Title: 12 Backyard Friends

Medium: Mosaic

Size: 12 X 24

Framed: 14 X 26

Artist's Statement: Twelve species of birds--all of which have graced my back yard, either at my current home or a previous home. They fill my life with joy!

Price: Sold; but I can make another.

Title: Archangel Gabriel

Medium: Mosaic

Size: 18 X 24

Framed: 20 X 26

Artist's Statement: My first mosaic: Adapted from a postcard picture of an ancient fresco found on a wall in a little old monastery, out in the country from Sophia, Bulgaria. The fresco was said to have been painted before the Renaissance Period of Italy.

Price: $600

Title: Fibonacci Sunflower

Medium: Mosaic

Size: 7.5 X 16

Framed: 9.5 X 18

Artist's Statement: My attempt to show the Sacred Spiral that naturally grows at the center of Sunflowers. Made with dinner plates and Mexican wall tiles.

Price: $475

Title: Ocean Wave

Medium: Mosaic

Size: 17.5 X 23.5

Framed: 19.5 X 25.5

Artist's Statement: An experiment using lots of different shades of blue smalti and ceramic tessarae, plus fish-shaped beads, polished stone and petrified wood.

Price: $600

Title: Dessert in the Desert

Medium: Graphite Pencil Size: 23 X 31.5

Framed: 24 X 36

Artist's Statement: A drawing class still life assignment, I was inspired by a bowl of ice cream, and decided to make it a mountain to climb.

Price: $199

Title: Mantis

Medium: Color Pencil

Size: 9 X 12

Framed: 14 X 17

Artist's Statement: Copied by permission from my daughter-in-law's closeup photo of a preying mantis with his cutely evil stare.

Price: $275

Title: Swaledale, Yorkshire Medium: Color Pencil

Size: 10.5 X 13.5

Framed: 17.5 X 21.5

Artist's Statement: My beloved Yorkshire Dales, with its layering effect of distant hills and ever-present sheep grazing nearby.

Price: $395

Title: Peruvian Adobe Worker

Medium: Graphite and Color Pencil

Size: 16 X 20 Framed: 22 X 26

Artist's Statement: Another "Inspirations" Show collaboration between my friend, Charles Benton, the photographer who snapped this in Peru, and me, the painter.

Price: $450

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