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Naomi Cashman

I am an artist living in Topeka, Kansas. I photograph and paint subjects I love; landscapes, florals and subjects that inspire me as I travel.

Lin Fredricksen

Self-portrait after Arcimboldo, 2022

Colored pencil on paper

I drew a lot when I was young and decided to take it back up after I retired. I learned to use Prismacolor pencils from Lee Hammond's class at the Topeka Art Guild. I draw animals and people using graphite, Prismacolors and pastels, though I'm trying to learn how to do landscapes. I've never been able to figure out how to paint!

Dorethy Hancock

I like to encourage people who have never done any kind of art by telling them I only started painting when I was 65 and could audit classes at Washburn U., so they can, too!  Actually, I made jewelry (semi-precious stones) before that, but no painting. "Hosta Sprouts" was one of my early works; and I then put my hand to other media such as pencil drawing, watercolor, pieced-picture quilting, and mosaics--the latter of which I do all summer out on my patio, and thus may be my favorite medium.

John Joseph Riordan

Born 1955, West Palm Beach, FL, I was always interested in art, but as an adult couldn't see making a living as an artist, so studied for a degree in landscape horticulture and floriculture (floral arranging) as growing flowers was also a continuing interest. Should have seen my yard! (Lincoln and Willow) 

December 25 2022 my house burned. Within it was my stock of 300+ framed pictures and irreplaceable paintings done by my father, James Jeremiah Riordan. I'm having to start all over. My neighbors would like to see me repair/rebuild the house to show how it appeared before the fire. A true Victorian (2885), I've been for the last 23 years making a 'Plain Jane' into a landmark 'Painted Lady.' Trying to out‑Potwin nearby Potion Place Victorians (who call us Ward-Meadians, among others, not-wins!).

Been the owner of Greenscape since I started it in 1986.


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