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The following page appeared on October 16, 2020. When the Topeka Art Guild website went through a major change in April 2023, the new webmaster chose to include some of the earlier postings, as a record of our history. Remember that 2020 was the beginning of the pandemic. The TAG webmaster at that time, Kristine Luber, did a LOT of work to feature art on the website.

All of the pieces are shown in thumbnails below. You can click on each image to find out the price, medium, and artist. If you would like to see the artwork in person, Topeka Art Guild gallery hours are 11 am to 5 pm Wednesdays through Saturdays, and you will find a friendly member artist there to answer your questions and help you out. These pieces will be in the gallery until the lend of December.  The gallery is at the west end of Fairlawn Plaza. The phone number is 785-273-7646 if you would like to get more info or contact an artist.

2020 Kansas Show

51 photo(s) Updated on: 16 Oct 2020
  • East of Erland
  • West of Wilsey
  • After the Blizzard First Light
  • Butterfly Magnet
  • King Cotton
  • After the Storm
  • The Chute
  • Early Freeze
  • Fall Harvest
  • Prairie Sentinel
  • Old River Road
  • Onaga Prairie
  • The Power and the Glory
  • Unsettled
  • Sunflower in a Coffee Pot
  • Equinox Sunrise
  • Morning Shadows
  • Twilight
  • Working Late
  • The Stately Symbol
  • Where the Buffalo Roam
  • Lake
  • Pathway
  • Always in our Heart and Soul
  • Bakers' Hands
  • Ad Astra per Aasterinium
  • Flower of the Hour
  • Spirit of Kansas Past
  • My Back Yard
  • Solitude in the Woods
  • After Storm on County Road
  • On I-70W to Topeka
  • Kaw River Clouds
  • Prairie Fire #1
  • Prairie Fire #2
  • Do You Know the Way to Santa Fe?
  • Flint Hills Vista
  • Leaving of the Leaves
  • Sunflowers on the Prairie
  • Garden Treasures
  • What's for Lunch
  • Flint Hills Summertime
  • Home Under Angry Skies
  • Afremov Avenue
  • Kansas from Interstate 70
  • Tornado Alley Pop Art
  • Orange Sky
  • Peaceful Retreat
  • Fog on Schwarz Road
  • Rowing on the Kaw
  • Symphony in Green

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