Open Studio

Lila Bartel has hosted an "Open Studio" event for several years. If you look at the Events Calendar, you will see it listed every Thursday from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

The Wednesday Acrylic Painting classes, scheduled for every Wednesday in May, quickly morphed into an Open Studio, with friends who normally meet on Thursday coming to the TAG classroom on Wednesday. THAT is what TAG is all about: Art friends enjoying making art together!

May 31

Daughter and Mother team Tasha Koker and Marilyn Griggs joined us for the final Beginner Acrylic Painting class.

The Wednesday Acrylic Painting Classes were very informal.

Emphasis was on the FUN of painting!

Artists were free to experiment.

Tasha had time to paint a second little painting. Notice the background!
Textures were made with a crumbled bit of plastic, dipped into the acrylic paint.

Connie English continued working with watercolor on paper, with acrylics added over the top.

MAY 24

If you dropped by the gallery on Wednesday, May 24, you would have seen a LOT of activity.

In the classroom, five members were working with acrylic paints.

In the Gallery, you might have met a Silver Lake artist and her family, taking a last look at the wonderful student art on display.

One of the most exciting aspects of being an active TAG member is meeting the young artists who exhibit in our gallery.


Madison Teel, a student from Silver Lake who exhibited her art in May, created this fascinating ceramic piece. She has plans to continue working it. Adding paint is just one possibility.

If she likes the results, we may get to show another picture on the TAG website! Stay tuned to this page!

Recent Artist of the Month Connie English shows her skills during Wednesday's acrylic painting class.

Miniatures by Laurine Jarboe.... works in progress!

MAY 17

What Goes on During "Open Studio?"

Mostly... we learn from each other. We try new art media and new techniques. Recently, Connie English tried acrylic paint over a watercolor base. Here are some photos of the different stages of the painting:

May 11

One of our scholarship winners, Adisyn Stoler, came to the gallery to pick up her art during one of the Thursday Open Studio events. Members of the group asked her to do a demonstration some time.

Adisyn kindly visited us on May 11. Her colored pencil drawings require many hours of work. She showed us a few of her methods and answered many questions from an excited audience.

It was a delightful experience to see a young artist sharing her gifts with her... elders...< grin >

May 10 and 17: Laurine Jarboe works on her sunflower painting.

May 3

Lin painted a lovely piece from a reference photo that she brought along. She used only four different tubes of acrylic to create all these lovely colors, and worked in the style of  < ? > (I forgot to write down the name. I'll insert it later!)

Lila spent most of the time adding marvelous lettering to the sign that I wanted to place outside of the gallery doors, to entice new people into the classroom.

THAT is what being a member of TAG means to me: spending time with other artists who I now consider friends.

April 27

We experimented with alcohol ink!

Marla had fun making an abstract design on tile.

Lin experimented with alcohol ink on Crescent board. She then drew over the ink with a graphite pencil. 

Lila made a monochrome tile, and moved the inks around until she achieved a little flower image.

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