Topeka Art Guild & Gallery Guidelines

Members of the Topeka Art Guild, whose dues have been paid, may submit their own original works for exhibit.  Works larger than 30 square feet can be considered, but might not be accepted if adequate wall space is not available.  On special occasions non-member guest artists may sometimes be invited to display their works in the Topeka Art Guild & Gallery.

Entry Procedures:

Artists needing to submit works before entry day must make arrangements in advance with the entry chairperson or other member of the Executive Committee.

On entry day each artist submitting work must:

1.     Fill out the TAG entry form.pdf listing each piece submitted, indicating its title, price, medium, dimensions (frame included), and its availability for display in outside TAG exhibit sites.

2.     Attach wall slip to back of each piece for identification.   The slip must be clearly marked with the artist’s name, the title of the work, medium and selling price.

3.     List total fees at the bottom of the entry form.

4.     Pay entry fees (non-refundable) and obtain a receipt.

5.     To pay a reduced commission on sales, sign the gallery’s staffing calendar.  Six hours of staffing per month is required, a total of twelve hours per 2-month exhibit, which may be done in four 3 hour segments.  New members will receive training from an experienced TAG Member before beginning to staff the gallery, and will be given a staffing manual.  Artists must find their own replacements if unable to work their shift.  Please notify the calendar chairperson of any changes you make.

6.     Take home any artworks remaining in the gallery from previous exhibits, and sign out for each in the 2-D or 3-D Books.

No works may be entered in any two regular exhibits in succession; however, they may be submitted for entry in subsequent regular show (but not a juried show).  Works entered in juried shows may not have been exhibited at Topeka Art Guild Gallery previously. If a work is sold during any non-juried exhibit, another work of the artist’s choice may replace it after approval by a member of the Hanging Committee.  Also, please fill out a new wall card and add all information to your entry form in the 2-D Book in the office.

Juried Shows – Removal and Replacement of Artworks:

Works sold during juried exhibits (shows judged by paid, non-member experts) should be kept in the gallery for the duration of the show if possible, and their labels should be stamped “SOLD” in red.  However, if a buyer should prefer instead to take possession of his/her purchase at the time of sale, its label marked “SOLD” should remain on display in its original location.  Works sold during a juried exhibit may not be replaced by the artist.

Exhibit Entry Fees:

Entry fees are non-refundable, and are due on entry day.  All works are entered in shows as space allows.

 Two Dimensional:

  . Small (Less than 18” including frame)                   $3.50 each, limit 8

  . Medium (18”-36” including frame)                        $7.50 each, limit 8

  . Large (exceeding 36” including frame)                  $12.50 each, limit 4

Standards for Framing and Display:

All entries must be properly and neatly framed, unscratched and clean.  All paintings must be dry.  Each work entered must have wire hangers properly secured on the back; the wire should not extend above the top edge of the frame.  No “saw tooth” or clip hangers are allowed.  All wires must be attached with screw eyes directly to the back of the frame.

The hanging committee hangs the chosen works for each show; no individual member may remove or rearrange 2-D or 3-D works after a show has been hung.  If a 3-D artist chooses to remove his/her works, he/she must make arrangements with the 3-D Chair prior to the removal of art.  (See Fees & Standards for 3D)

 Standards for Shrink-Wrap & Cards:

Artists who show in more than two regular shows a year are eligible to enter shrink wrap art at no cost.  Each artist is limited to 10 shrink wrap pieces and 10 cards, postcards or boxes of cards at a time.  

Artwork may be brought to the Gallery at any time during regular business hours.  A standard entry form must be filled out and the form dated. A TAG Label must be attached to the back of the acetate sleeve.  The label must contain the artist's name, the name of the artwork, the medium used, the price and the "out date" (6 months from the entry date). All prints must clearly be identified as such.

Artwork should be placed in the shrink wrap bin on the east wall of the classroom.  Three members of the gallery committee are required to screen each piece before it is approved for display.

All artwork must be clean, in good condition, matted, have a foam core board backing and be encased in professional acetate artwork sleeves.  Sleeves are available in art catalogs and at local art supply stores. Saran Wrap, zip lock bags and sandwich bags will no longer be accepted.

Cards must be accompanied with envelopes that fit the cards.  They must be at least 4" x 6" and priced at $5.00 or more.

Artwork and cards may be on display for 6 months.  Artwork and cards may be shown again after 3 years from the "out date".

A Shrink Wrap Book is kept in the gallery office.  It lists each artist's work currently and previously shown.

Artists may remove any of their artwork at any time, but must indicate this in the Shrink Wrap Book.


Standards for Three Dimensional Artwork:

Entry fees have been waived for 3D artists as of July 12th, 2016.  All works are entered in shows as space permits.

If accepted by the 3 D Chairperson, 3 D artists may submit an unlimited number of pieces of any size for 6 months without paying a fee. Works should be changed out at intervals or at least semi-annually. Three D artists may enter a juried show for the same fee as 2 D artists.  Pieces may be removed and replaced at artist’s discretion and 3 D Chairperson’s approval.

Each 3 D work must be labeled clearly with the artist’s name and a number assigned to each piece that corresponds with the artist’s entry form found in the 3 D book kept on the shelf in the office.  If dropping off work for approval, please your leave it in the classroom clearly marked “To Be Checked In”.  After they are approved, the hanging committee will place items in the gallery for display.

 The 3D chair screens all entries and arranges the works for each exhibit. No individual member may remove or rearrange 2-D or 3-D works after a show has been hung.  If a 3 D artist chooses to remove his/her works, they must make arrangements with the 3 D Chair prior to the removal of art.

Storage of Art:

All works must be picked up in a timely manner by the 10th of the month after the exhibit.

Works not picked up 30 days after the pickup date become the property of the Topeka Art Guild and will be disposed of at the guild’s discretion.

Sales Commission:

If artists staff at the gallery they will pay The Topeka Art Guild a sales commission of 30% of the pre-tax price for works sold from display at the TAG Gallery or from any outside display site of the guild.  The commission is increased to 45% for those artists who do not staff.  Payment for sold works will go out to artists the month following the sale.  If you have questions regarding payment for the sale of your work, you may contact TAG’S Office Manager.

Referral Sales:

Whenever a prospective buyer contacts the gallery with an interest in purchasing any guild member’s artwork shown in any TAG Exhibit, the gallery staff member on duty notifies the artist and records the prospective buyer’s contact information in the gallery logbook.  The artist then brings the requested work of art back to the gallery.  The person on duty at that time contacts the prospective customer, who returns to the gallery to complete the sale. This procedure also applies to works on display in TAG’S outside exhibits. The artist is obliged to pay the regular 30% commission to the art guild on any such sale including commissioned work of an artist whose exposure at The Topeka Art Guild resulted in the sale. 

Artist of the Month:

Artist of the Month is an opportunity for TAG Members to be featured for one month in the gallery.  TAG will display multiple works of the artist of the month in a specified area of approximately 8’ x 8’.  Preference will be given to members who have NOT been AOM in the last twelve months. 3 D artists must have shown in the gallery for 6 months to be eligible.  Applications for Artist of the Month are accepted every September and October and will be announced in the TAG Newsletter in advance.  The selected artists must have at least one piece on display in the corresponding show, and must be present at the 1st Friday Reception in the month he/she is featured.

Member Benefits:

All TAG Members will receive a monthly newsletter, reduced workshop fees, a 10% discount on all purchases and opportunities to display art in regular gallery exhibits as well as the opportunity to be a featured artist of the month.

Additional Benefits for Additional Volunteer Hours:

Those artists who volunteer a total of eighteen hours per quarter beyond regular staffing requirements will have the opportunity to display works free of charge in the gift shop area.  The number and size of the pieces will be determined by space available.

These works will be rotated on a quarterly basis.  Volunteer work in many different areas such as clerical work, hanging, extra gallery staffing hours and reception service would qualify for this benefit.

Membership Dues:

Annual membership dues for the Topeka Art Guild are payable upon joining and at the same date in each subsequent year, and are of three kinds:  Single, Family and Student.  A fourth category, Lifetime Membership, is also available for a larger onetime payment.


The Topeka Art Guild and Gallery assume no responsibility for works on display or entered in gallery exhibits.  This also applies to artworks stored in or on the gallery premises before or after an exhibit or competition.  Artists must agree and understand that the Topeka Art Guild shall not be responsible for theft, damage to or loss of any item.

The Topeka Art Guild supports and promotes the visual arts and art education through public programs and exhibitions of original work.

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